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The Turkish and Greek Islands provide some of the most memorable sailing with ancient ruins and pristine waters at almost every stop. Below is a sample itinerary provided by The Moorings. Yachts are somewhat less expensive to charter in Turkey. For example, a Sun Odyssey 42.2 sleeping up to six guests, is only $2800 per week for mid July while the same boat is $4290 during high season in the British Virgin Islands.
Gocek - Typical 7 day Itinerary:
Day 1 Gocek to Wall Bay - Embark at 3 p.m. then drop anchor for the night at Wall Bay. Taking its name from a high wall on its south side, this small bay offers shelter from the prevailing wind, although there may be gusts off the high land. Dining options include a casual restaurant above the rough stone quay and a more sophisticated one to the northwest.

Day 2 Wall Bay to Gemiler - Cross the Gulf of Fethiye and drop anchor behind Gemiler. Gemiler Bay is a nearly oval bay where you will find two restaurants amongst the olive trees. Visit the ruins of St. Nicolas, a Byzantine city with a rare covered alley, tombs of knights, ancient graffiti, and a 13th century chapel.

Day 3 Gemiler to Ekincik - Sail to Ekincik, a picturesque spot with red cliffs and steep wooded slopes. Summer winds blow west/southwest from 20-25 knots. In five tacks or less, you'll arrive. Ekincik is the best anchorage for a visit to the ruins of ancient Caunos, about five miles up the Dalyan River and accessible only by water taxi.

Days 4 Ekincik to Kizilkuyruk Koyu - Sail back to the Skopea Gulf, stopping for the night's anchorage at Kizilkuyruk Koyu. Two small coves with a sandy beach await you. Enjoy the magnificent sunset, with the sunbeams reflecting off the silver mountain located opposite the gulf. From Kizilkuyruk Koyu you can visit ancient Lydae, an hour's walk to the east. The Roman and Byzantine ruins are a splendid sight.

Day 5 Kizilkuyruk Koyu to Fethiye - Cross the gulf and visit the city of Fethiye and its market (open Monday and Wednesday) and the numerous Lycian rock tombs. This necropolis is virtually all that remains of ancient Telmessus which was the principal port of Lycia. The largest tomb is the Tomb of Amyntas, dating from the 4th century B.C.

Day 6 Fethiye to Tomb Bay - Drop anchor in the picturesque cove of Tersane for lunch on board and a swim in the crystal-clear waters. Tersane, which in Turkish means shipyard, was where part of Suliman the Magnificent's fleet was built. Drop anchor for the evening at Tomb Bay where you will find Lycian rock tombs on the northeast side.

Day 7 Tomb Bay to Gocek - Before returning to our base (5 p.m.), you can spend a full day sailing between the numerous islands of the gulf, discovering the small deserted coves for a last swim and lunch on board. A relaxing day...a perfect ending to a wonderful week.

***of course itinerary can change depending on things like weather, boat speed, too much D in the D***

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